Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Punjabi cauliflower (gobhi fry)- less oil version

I has chanced upon this in a magazine many years back. Till then my knowledge of punjabi vegetable preparations were - thick, calorie loaded gravies that we ate in the restaurants. This stir-fry was a pleasant surprise and we used to make it whenever we went on a long train journey. It tasted delicious with puris and stayed fresh for long time. The original recipe tells us to deep fry the cauliflower florets and then mix them in a thick homemade onion-tomato sauce. Years passed and I stopped preparing this as we did not want to eat oily stir-fries. Now I have started preparing this again in a healthy version.  Cauliflower turned golden and delicious as before by using a non-stick pan and little oil.
It is so addictive and so easy to make you'll want it all the time.

2 cups cauliflower florets (medium size about 300g) 
1 onion (roughly cut)
1 tomato (deseed and cut into big pieces)
5 garlic cloves (peeled)
1 tsp ginger (I use grated & frozen)
1 tsp chilli pd
1 tsp turmeric pd
1/2 tsp garam masala
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp -1.25 tsp salt(add half with cauliflower and another half to onion tomato mixture)

Remove the greens and cut into medium sized florets.You can just pull the florets apart with your fingers.
After 10 mins drain the cauliflower and keep ready.

Frying cauliflower-

Heat oil in a non-stick pan and fry the florets till they are coated with oil.
Cover and cook till they are slightly golden. (keep tossing from time to time)
Add salt and stir-fry till the cauliflower is crunchy and cooked. You will see that the stems turn slightly light green in color. You can cover the pan while cooking.
You will start getting an aroma as you would get while cooking Indo-Chinese food.
Remove this onto a plate.

When this is being cooked put garlic and ginger into a chopper or mixer and grind it. Add onions and
grind again using pulse motion. We need not grind the onions finely, it's good to have some pieces of onions in the stir fry.

For the onion- tomato masala -

Heat oil in the same pan and fry this onion mixture till dry and the oil starts separating from it.

In the same chopper or mixer bowl add tomato pieces and grind it coarsely.
Add this to the fried onions and mix well. Add salt, chilli pd, turmeric pd and garam masala.
Stir fry this till you get a fragrance.

Put the fried cauliflower florets into this and mix well.
See that every floret is coated with masala paste.
Cook till dry (few mins).

To serve or eat-
You can garnish with coriander leaves if you are eating it immediately.
You can eat with bread slices (toasted or fresh)
It is a great side dish with puris or phulkas or rice and lentils like dalithoay, varan.
You can make it ahead and serve this colorful stir-fry in any dinner party.

To cook in rice cooker-

Put cauliflower florets and 1 tsp oil in the rice cooker's non-stick pan. Cover with the lid and press the 'cook' button.

After 3 mins it will start sizzling and turn to warm mode. Do not remove the pan out of the cooker.
Wait for 2-3 mins and then add 1/4 tsp salt and mix well. Now you will be able to press it back to 'cook' mode. Let it sizzle and cook for another 10 mins till they turn slightly golden. It will come back to warm mode. Leave the cauliflower in this hot cooker for few more mins.
Add this roasted cauliflower into the onion- tomato mixture. Halve the ingredients from the original recipe if you want single serving.
Here is the link to learn how to fry onion and tomatoes in the rice cooker.

If you do not have chopper or mixer jar, you can finely chop tomato, onions and add it into this.
You can use Maggi ready made bhuna masala too.

Hope you found this recipe useful.

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